The Visionary

I’m kind of making myself do this. Things are just busy right now, I’m writing, trying to get a feel for things I’ll need to do with a travel agency… I think this is going to work, the process is just slower than I would like. I’ve also joined a people with disabilities message board group. I’m slowly starting to explore that.. However, I am reading somehow too. My latest book was “The Visionary” by Pamela Thibodeaux.


People say that twins are always close, but Trevor and Taylor are moreso. Growing up in a very abusive home, especially when they lost their precious mother. They learned to trust one another completely and exclusively. Together they’ve built an construction company. Taylor has accepted the Lord and turns to Him for comfort. But Trevor has no use for a God who would allow their father to abuse them the way he did. Trevor also does everything in his power to see that his sister is safe. Both dream of love and marriage, but will they ever be able to escape the horrors of their past?


When Alex walks into their office to see if they can head up a major renovation project, he soon decides that any price would be worth the chance to get to know Tayl


This was an incredible book that captured me from beginning to end. I loved the characters, and wish there was a sequel. I don’t think there is though. I would, however, recommend that the reader be at least an older teen before reading this one. Find this book on Amazon.

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  1. Pamela S Thibodeaux Says:

    Thanks for the lovely review!

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