Season for Miracles

It’s a quiet Saturday. I enjoy Saturdays that we have things to do with friends. But I also like Saturdays that I can finish everything I want to get done for the week. Things are going fairly well with the business. I still have lots to figure out though.


I did manage to get Clare Revell’s “Season for Miracles” read in between all of my other work and whatever.


Holly was the first person to be attacked, and the only woman to survive, a serial murderer. It has been five months since she was attacked, but she still has a terrible time trusting men, or even the Lord for that matter. Finding someone special is the last thing she wants.


Kyle’s girl was the first actual murder. He isn’t interested in finding someone new. But his best friend is getting married and keeps trying to set him up. Holly and Kyle meet at their best friends’ wedding, and that day turns out bad for both of them. But slowly a relationship forms between them. Can Holly learn to trust again?


I really liked book. It was a great short read. Find it at White Rose Publishing.

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