SugSugSuggestions when we go through times of suffering

I’m trying to wrap everything up for the week. And I am going to go on and apologize up front if something doesn’t come out exactly right. I’m really tired. I guess I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished for the week. There is more I would like to have done, but it can wait. Hopefully. this week I am going to get a start on my marketing campaign.


I haven’t gotten books to review lately. I’m reading some when I have short breaks, but anyway. So let’s get back to Alcorn’s book. We’re near the end of this book, but I do have other nonfiction I would like to go through. So I’m not too worried about what to do with this blog. Anyway, Alcorn asks the question. “What can we do to more fully embrace God’s purposes in our suffering?” the first thing is we should look to God for our comfort. And one way to do that no to remember the Lord’s promises. “He is not a man that He should lie” keeps running through my mind. I have no idea where that verse is though. We are also to anticipate God’s rewards. Jesus promised that in heaven there would be rewards for those who suffer in this life. We are also to pray about everything that we’re going through. Talking things through usually helps. And in prayer, we are talking to the one who knows everything that there is to know. And finally we are to help other people that are suffering. When we have problems, it’s sometimes easier to stay in our own little worlds. But sometimes it helps to reach other.


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