My favorite aunt part 1

I’m at a point with my business [Family Trips Inc] where there is always something that could be done. I still have lots of training to go through. My website needs a good bit of work. Kind of thought I was at something of a standstill this afternoon, and then I listened to training. I have a lot of resources to explore… I’m reading some for fun, but usually it’s just catching a few minutes when I can’t do anything else. But I’m committed to writing this blog even if ideas are hard to come by. I’m rethinking working through the Lazarus book mostly because I don’t want to always be discussing how hard life can be.


So today I thought I’d share some about my favorite aunt… I’m starting to learn about cruises and all these exotic trips. But personally, my favorite vacations are to see people not places. When I was young, we used to go to see my grandparents in Virginia at least twice a year, sometime in the summer and Christmas. My Aunt Cindy lived in Virginia but not in the same town as my grandparents. But she and her family would try to come to town whenever we were visiting… Summers we used to love going to the pool together. We usually had tea parties. Sometimes everyone would go see a movie together. Cindy always said she was my favorite and I was hers. We used to go to breakfast just the two of us.


I think I’ll write more about this Friday. I’m tired.


One Response to “My favorite aunt part 1”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I like this direction, Sarah. I think you have a lot of perspective of your own to share — not just reviewing the books. I look forward to hearing your sperspective.

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