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Judah’s Alibi

October 29, 2013

It has been a crazy day. I have an idea of where I want to go with this business of mine. I’m thinking that my niche is going to be disability travel. I have a lot I want to do with that. But decided that I had to get my latest book reviewed today. I am going to be reviewing “Judah’s Alibi” by Kristine Cheney.


Shelby Bryant has known little except abuse from her husband Jesse. When he abandons her and their two children, it is almost a relief. But when “Jesse” resurfaces, Shelby can hardly believe how much the time away has changed her husband. It is almost too good to be true. Shelby loves his change of heart towards her and their children, especially the one on the way who he wanted to get rid of.


Judah is Jesse’s twin brother, and when Shelby finds him in a bar with his beautiful sister has no problem believing that he has been unfaithful to her yet again. But when Shelby goes into premature labor, Judah knows he has to protect this beauty and her adorable children. Judah pretends to be Jesse to give Shelby the support She needs. He can hardly believe everything his brother put his precious family through.


But when Shelby learns the truth of who Judah is, can she accept that he is truly different than his brother?


I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I did think there were a few rough parts, but overall it was an enjoyable read. Find it on Amazon.

Thoughts on Halloween

October 26, 2013

My grandparents are here, and so are two of my nieces. I’ve been hanging out with them today, and not really working. I have a book to review, but haven’t finished reading it. So I’m kind of making this up as I go.


I’m not big on celebrated Halloween. My sister and I used to trick or treat when we were very young. We dressed up as fairy tale people and things like that, never anything scary.. I don’t know when my parents decided to stop celebrating Halloween, but we must have been pretty young. I remember not being able to attend a Halloween party they had at school at least once.. The best thing about Halloween is that it means the holidays are around the corner.. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always have.. This is short, I know. It’s kind of just been one of those days.

Special ed

October 22, 2013

Mom arrives with my grandparents sometime tomorrow, and I’m excited to have them back.My brother’s daughters will be arriving sometime Thursday, so I think this weekend is going to be a big family weekend. I’m looking forward to it. Work is going pretty well too, I’m trying to figure a lot of different things out. It’s always a challenge, but usually pretty interesting as well.


Saturday I wrote about living in Franklin. Dad got a promotion with Social Security when I was nine, and to my disappointment we had to move again. This time it was to Hickory, NC. And when we first moved to Hickory was my first and only experience with special education. I think there were only six of us in that class. One of the girls was my age, and we worked together on some things. But I remember doing a lot on my own as well. I was put into a regular class once they found an aide for me. But I got in on fun things in special ed, like art and Special Olympics. One year we went swimming a couple of times a month to get ready for Special Olympics. I loved that.


October 19, 2013

Maybe it’s the gloomy weather today. Or maybe I’m tired from working all week. Whatever it is, I haven’t read much of the book I need to review and don’t think I could read all of it today. My mother is gone to get my grandparents who are going to live with us for the next six months. I’m excited to have them back… Anyway, Dad and my sister and I were sitting around, talking about old memories.. I think I am going to write about some of those today.

Dad used to work for the Social Security Administration, and so we used to move about every five years. I think I was about four when we moved to a town called Franklin, NC. Franklin is a beautiful place, it’s in the mountains. There are all kinds of waterfalls and things around the area. But to me, the people we know in that town are even more lovely. Franklin is a small place, and was even smaller when we lived there. I had to go to school where the teachers would accept me. And as it turned out, many of my church friends were at that school. We keep in touch with many of the families of the people I grew up with to this day. I loved growing up there.

I’ve always dreamed of running a business

October 15, 2013

I’m still thoroughly enjoying starting this business. No, I do not have clients yet, I’m still figuring that out. That’s my biggest objective each day. But I’m still figuring out different business things. So far there hasn’t been a day that I’ve said to myself, “I really don’t want to work today”. Part of that may be there is a lot of variety in the things I need to do.


I have always loved being with friends, but of course there were always times that I would have to be by myself. And honestly, I enjoyed those times as well. I’ve had an active imagination. I remember playing school, even when there was no one else to play with. But I also used to pretend that I owned my own business. Sound familiar? To be honest, I have no idea what that business was. I know I worked on the calculator a lot. I don’t remember much else.


I’m not sure what my family has planned for this evening. But I think I am going to go write some. Sorry this is short. Just trying to be regular with this.

Friday’s Child

October 12, 2013

My weeks are busy thes


Eleanor Harrison works by day at the library. By night, she sings at the club. She does it all to support her mother, and more importantly, the little girl known as her sister. But then she runs into the only guy she has ever dated, and life begins turning upside down. Meeting Patrick again brings things up that she never wants to face. Questions like, why doesn’t she believe God wants a relationship anymore, and why has she never married?




Patrick Page’s life is his job. He is a secret agent, and loves protecting his country. But as he starts running into Eleanor, he starts questioning if his job is all he really needs. Soon Eleanor and her young sister need his and the agency’s protection. Is Eleanor involved in the illegal things her club is doing? Or is she just an innocent bystander?




Eleanor’s family has many secrets, one of which her parents forced her into. But can she trust the Lord and Patrick with her heart once more?.. Find this amazing book at White Rose Publishing.


October 8, 2013

So far, I love my job. Right now, my priority is finding those first clients. I’m trying to figure out stuff with social media. I guess I’m trying to spend three to four hours a day working on the business, which leaves me sometime to write and things like that.


I’m going to tell the birth story of one of my favorite people. Her name is Kailey, and she is my oldest niece. My sister had been married for several years before they started their family. And my sister was the first one among my siblings to have children, so everyone was pretty excited about this baby. Then again, we’re always excited to welcome children into our family. Anyway, dear friends of ours had their daughter get married the weekend before Kailey was born. We went to the wedding wondering if the baby would decide to come while we were there. She didn’t. She decided to wait until the doctors made her come out a few days later. My Everyone who was living at home at the time drove up. Then Dad took the three boys home a couple of days later, and Mom, my sister and I spent several days getting Kailey and her family settled. Kailey is now eight year old, loves school and art, and loves American Girls.

Kind of a quickie

October 5, 2013

I actually have a couple different books to review, but it’s been a busy week, and I’d rather not take the time to read the more than a couple hundred pages I have left. It’s a wonderful book no question, but I would like to have everything I feel like I need to have done earlier than reading that is going to take.


This past Thursday, my sister and I attended the Sound Choices gala. It was really nice. My family is very pro life and always has been. There is, very sadly, an abortion clinic here in our town. And my family regularly goes down to that clinic to pray and things like that.


We’ve always been active in the pro life movement. When I was in grade school, we had a young woman who was an unwed come live with us for a while. Mom was carrying my brother, and I remember liking having an “older sister”.  I was nine, and she was like eighteen, I think.


I need to get on to some other things today. Let me know if there are specific stories you would like to be shared on here.

School days

October 1, 2013

Putting together a business is a lot of work, and I’m sure I have so much more to figure out. Until I am making progress. I know I am. And it feels good to work, even if I am tired.


I think I am going to write about my school days. I know I’ve written about one of my aides, but that of course is not all of my school story.. I think I liked reading and history pretty well. I did not like math or science, and still don’t… And like I always have, I enjoyed being with friends. I remember a lot of the kids wanting to help push my wheelchair and things like that. Girls were always helping me with my hair. And friends would come over to my house, or sometimes I would go over to theirs.


When I was little, birthdays used to be grand affairs. I used to invite everyone in my class at school as well as friends from Sunday School. Sometimes at least one set of my grandparents used to come.. I loved my parties.


It’s been a long day, so I am going to go. Thanks for reading.