I’ve always dreamed of running a business

I’m still thoroughly enjoying starting this business. No, I do not have clients yet, I’m still figuring that out. That’s my biggest objective each day. But I’m still figuring out different business things. So far there hasn’t been a day that I’ve said to myself, “I really don’t want to work today”. Part of that may be there is a lot of variety in the things I need to do.


I have always loved being with friends, but of course there were always times that I would have to be by myself. And honestly, I enjoyed those times as well. I’ve had an active imagination. I remember playing school, even when there was no one else to play with. But I also used to pretend that I owned my own business. Sound familiar? To be honest, I have no idea what that business was. I know I worked on the calculator a lot. I don’t remember much else.


I’m not sure what my family has planned for this evening. But I think I am going to go write some. Sorry this is short. Just trying to be regular with this.


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