Maybe it’s the gloomy weather today. Or maybe I’m tired from working all week. Whatever it is, I haven’t read much of the book I need to review and don’t think I could read all of it today. My mother is gone to get my grandparents who are going to live with us for the next six months. I’m excited to have them back… Anyway, Dad and my sister and I were sitting around, talking about old memories.. I think I am going to write about some of those today.

Dad used to work for the Social Security Administration, and so we used to move about every five years. I think I was about four when we moved to a town called Franklin, NC. Franklin is a beautiful place, it’s in the mountains. There are all kinds of waterfalls and things around the area. But to me, the people we know in that town are even more lovely. Franklin is a small place, and was even smaller when we lived there. I had to go to school where the teachers would accept me. And as it turned out, many of my church friends were at that school. We keep in touch with many of the families of the people I grew up with to this day. I loved growing up there.


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