Special ed

Mom arrives with my grandparents sometime tomorrow, and I’m excited to have them back.My brother’s daughters will be arriving sometime Thursday, so I think this weekend is going to be a big family weekend. I’m looking forward to it. Work is going pretty well too, I’m trying to figure a lot of different things out. It’s always a challenge, but usually pretty interesting as well.


Saturday I wrote about living in Franklin. Dad got a promotion with Social Security when I was nine, and to my disappointment we had to move again. This time it was to Hickory, NC. And when we first moved to Hickory was my first and only experience with special education. I think there were only six of us in that class. One of the girls was my age, and we worked together on some things. But I remember doing a lot on my own as well. I was put into a regular class once they found an aide for me. But I got in on fun things in special ed, like art and Special Olympics. One year we went swimming a couple of times a month to get ready for Special Olympics. I loved that.

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2 Responses to “Special ed”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Did you learn much in the special education class? Was it a valuable experience? Why did your parents not opt to put you in another? See what a can of worms you have opened?

  2. editingsarah59 Says:

    Sorry, I was tired. I had to go into that class because they didn’t have an aide of my own yet. I think most of my assignments came from the class I would go into once they hired my aide. I think my parents wanted me to have the most normal experience possible.

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