Blue Ridge Set Up

I am so glad today is Saturday. I’ve worked a lot this week, and I’m tired and ready for a day of rest. Anyway, I am going to review a book called “Blue Ridge Set Up”. It is by Kimberly Rae.


Kayla thought she would spend her lifetime on the mission field, working with the women and children of Pakistan. She was trying to keep her physical problems to herself until her scheduled furlough. But when her mission hosts a teen short term trip, the leader of that team gets Kayla home. Kayla decides to go to stay at her aunt’s house, instead of returning to her father and their church.


Ryan knew something was very wrong with the lovely Kayla. Little does he know that Kayla’s aunt lives in his home town. So he never guesses that an older woman hiring him to do construction on her home is actually another attempt to set him up with a girl. The girl turns out to be Kayla, who he has been attracted to from the first time they met.


Ryan has to prove to Kayla that he truly cares about her, and isn’t just trying to do her aunt’s bidding. And unfortunately he has to walk with Kayla through a difficult diagnosis. But can Ryan show Kayla that his love is not based on anything that she can do?


I loved this book. It was comical and romantic and kind of sad all at once. Buy it on Amazon.



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