Being thankful

I wrote this Saturday, but was having a hard time with WordPress.  


Thanksgiving should be a time of reflecting on all that God has given us. But most of us don’t make the time to really think things through. Thanksgiving is full of wonderful food, time with family and friends and of course the start of the holiday season. And I must confess that the Christmas season is my favorite time of year. But I have finished with everything I have to do today, and I thought I’d take sometime to think about what I am


I am  grateful that I have a relationship with the Lord. I am thankful for His grace and mercy.


I also love the church that we are in. I have an awesome small group whom I love dearly. Church makes up most of my social group, and I love the deep friendships I have there.


I am thankful for my family. They can drive me crazy from time to time, but they definitely love me and take care of me. I’m excited to have sometime with most everyone at Thanksgiving, and hopefully most everyone will gather again around New Year’s.


I am grateful to be starting out as a travel agent. I love putting things together for this business of mine.


I am also truly grateful for my communication device. Without the communication device I couldn’t do much of anything.. Along with that, I love having my Kindle and being able to read whenever I want.

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