I have a confession to make, I do not want to write this. I have no idea what to write about, and I think that’s a big part of my reluctance. But I’m pretty sure I am going to be taking sometime off later this month because of the holidays.

I have always loved Christmas. And growing up in a Christian home, we’ve seen movies and listened to radio dramas where people can go back to when Jesus was actually born. I would love those time machines to be real. I think it would be awesome to meet Mary. She was an unwed mother, you know. I have just read some stuff online that questions that, but she was unmarried at the time of Jesus’ conception. She was betrothed, which meant she could have been stoned for committing adultery. So of course she had to be frightened. I have no idea if there was romance between her and Joseph. But most women in those days had to get married in order to survive. Did people think that Joseph was the father? Were they both shamed? I have no idea.. But I do wonder about things like this?


One Response to “Wonderings”

  1. Lori Nockwood Says:

    I think she was seriously endangered by the situation but she courageously chose to accept God’s assignment and blessing. I would think that she had to have had some fear at times and had to overcome that and while others might have wanted to shame her- she herself knew she had nothing to be ashamed about! She was bringing forth the Messiah!! 🙂

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