Thoughts from Scrooge

I’ve been out most of today, making merry instead of working, as Scrooge might put it. See, several people in my family went to see a play of “Christmas Carol”. It was an excellent play, I think most the actors were professionals. And they had amazing sets. Would sets be the right word? I’m really tired.
I must confess that I have kind of done some work stuff this evening. My group supposed to meet tonight, but everyone kind of got scattered. So I got some rest after dinner and then got to work. I have lots more to do tomorrow for sure. My main job right now seems to be e-mailing back and forth with different people. I kind of read through everything tonight and will hopefully answer a lot of e-mail tomorrow. That’s why I’m doing this now… I love my job. I love figuring out how to do this and that. I don’t think I’m working just because I want all this money, though it would be nice to make money at this one day. Surely it isn’t wrong to enjoy your work. I do have balance. I love being with friends. I love my church. I’m excited to have family coming at the end of this month.. I think I’d better go.

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