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On being disabled

January 27, 2014

This is prayer week at our church which means we have meetings each night. I thought we were going tonight but apparently we aren’t. So I figure I might as well do this since I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow.

I think that most everyone who reads this already knows this, but I am disabled. I’ve been part of several disability groups online, and I know a lot of people try to hide their disability. But I can’t. I’m in a wheelchair, pretty much have to be in a wheelchair any time I’m not resting. I can’t speak and use a very nice communication device called an eco. The eco is fancy. I think of it as something like a souped up Ipad. On my other communication devices, I would have to plug into a home computer, but the eco has everything I need. I can do almost nothing for myself physically. I have to have help getting in and out of my wheelchair, eating, anything like that.

But I don’t understand people who want to be disabled so they can get a check. I don’t understand when disabled people sit and do nothing except watch tv. I love movies, don’t get me wrong. But I love working and getting things done. It’s very sad to me when I see a disabled person not have any means of communication. I know some people are mentally disabled and wouldn’t be able to communicate well, but anyway..

Doug and Patti

January 25, 2014

My It’s Saturday, and I’m looking forward to Sunday. Hopefully I am going to be with friends for most of the day. And most my family here loves Downton Abby, and I’m looking forward to figuring out what happens next. But anyway…

They say that everyone in the world has a twin. I haven’t met anyone who looks exactly like me, but I do know someone that has my same first and middle name… One evening, as we were moving to Franklin, we were eating in a restaurant, and we met parents of a baby named Sarah Ellen. I’m not sure why we first stayed in touch with this family, but we did. The couple’s names were Patti [though we call her Packy] and Doug, and they’re close friends of our family to this day.

I’ve heard sayings like, “Some friends come into your life for a season, others are there for life”.. Doug and Patti are friends for life for sure.

rethinking business

January 21, 2014

I think my business is starting to pick up. I made my First booking over the weekend. And I’m talking to a couple of other people about trips now. And I’m doing whatever trips people are asking for. I like working with people, helping them get to the places they want to go. I like researching the different things, and communicated with all kinds of people. Disney is something I’m interested in, but at this point in my business I don’t want to turn people away… I think there has to be a balance somewhere, but I’m not sure where it is yet.

I used to have my own writing and editing business. I started working on that with a whole group of people. I was still working at Goodwill at the time, but I was pretty unhappy there. Writing has always been a passion of mine and it’s still something I do. But my writing business never really took off. I couldn’t get any jobs that paid well.. Hopefully I am going to get better and better as a travel agent, and this business is going to take off. It is something I truly enjoy.

Grateful for friends

January 18, 2014

This week has been kind of crazy busy for me  I’m almost sure I am going to do my first booking sometime this next week which I’m very excited about.

My dad used to work in the Social Security Administration, and in order for him to be promoted, we pretty much had to move every five years. Honestly, I’m not one who usually likes change. I like getting into a routine, and staying with it. I love finding a good church, and having a good circle of friends who I’m involved with. And Dad has allowed us to stay in Columbus for years after he restarted his own business. And for that I want extremely grateful.

My family has been involved in some different things over the last several weeks. And through all this I have been reminded of how important it is to have good Christian friends. And I’m also well aware of how richly blessed my family has been to have dear friends in all the different places that we have lived. I’m even more grateful to the Lord for that.

Summers with Cindy

January 14, 2014

It’s been a pretty long day, and I’m tired. But I would like to get this done.

Looking back, some of my favorite times were going to stay with my Aunt Cindy during the summers. Usually my sister and I would get to stay about a. And those weeks were filled with fun. We would go swimming, usually I think swimming was the activity for more than one than one day. We’d usually swim in pools,   But Cindy did live near the beach, and we would go there sometimes as well. I know I got to help decide our menu for the week. We’d do pizza and hamburgers and fun foods like that. We would also get fun desserts. Sometimes we’d go out to eat..There were also relaxing Times of reading or catching up..  And we’d also usually spend one day at an amusement park. I think that was usually our last hoorah. I always loved those times with my favorite aunt and her family.

MY salvation

January 11, 2014

Today has been kind of lazy around here. So I am going to go on and do this. been doing some biographical vignettes about my life, but I don’t remember telling the story of my salvation. I know we were living in Franklin, NC at the time. But I can’t remember if I was six or seven when I started asking a lot of questions about the Lord. I think I enjoyed learning about different things that interested me, and I’ve enjoyed reading for as long as I can remember. I remember receiving subscriptions to a magazine that was like a devotional around the time I was asking questions. I was also given the bible on tape around that time, and I would listen to that during rest times in the afternoon. I also remember having dinner with different elders at our church to ask them different questions I had. I wanted to make this important decision with some good knowledge going in. I know one question that kept coming up was on the subject of healing. I do not understand that to this day. I know Jesus seems to have healed everyone He came into contact with when He was on this earth. And I know that God does not change. I am convinced that God can heal me if He wants to. But anyway.. I was saved one afternoon when I was listening to my bible.

I think the song I sang was something like..

Into my heart

Into my heart

Come into my heart, Lord Jesus

Come in today

Come in to stay

Come into  my heart, Lord Jesus


January 8, 2014

I know that I haven’t done much with the holidays. I was kind of doing only what was necessary the week of Christmas. And last week was when most of my family was around, and I basically the week off. I thoroughly enjoyed being with my family. One day I went with my sister and sister-I-law to the mall. Another day my brother and his wife and I went out to dinner and a movie. It was just really nice to be with everyone, loved seeing my nieces. My brother also got a lot of stuff figured out on my computer.

I’m kind of playing with an idea. And I think this idea may work well for me, especially as I’m starting out in the travel agent business. People have told me from the first that I should specialize in one area of travel. I haven’t wanted to because I haven’t wanted to limit business. But I have a trip to Disney that I’m working on. And I’m finding out that Disney has a lot of resources, and all kinds of trips to offer. I’m just starting to work through this so I have more to learn than I know. But I’m excited about this, and hope this is truly a good fit for me.