Doug and Patti

My It’s Saturday, and I’m looking forward to Sunday. Hopefully I am going to be with friends for most of the day. And most my family here loves Downton Abby, and I’m looking forward to figuring out what happens next. But anyway…

They say that everyone in the world has a twin. I haven’t met anyone who looks exactly like me, but I do know someone that has my same first and middle name… One evening, as we were moving to Franklin, we were eating in a restaurant, and we met parents of a baby named Sarah Ellen. I’m not sure why we first stayed in touch with this family, but we did. The couple’s names were Patti [though we call her Packy] and Doug, and they’re close friends of our family to this day.

I’ve heard sayings like, “Some friends come into your life for a season, others are there for life”.. Doug and Patti are friends for life for sure.


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