I’m tired today. It has kind been a busy week with work. I was thinking about just not doing this. But I had my computer, and came up with this kind of silly thing… Anyway, here it is.

I have a confession to make. I’ve never been interested in sports at all.. A lot of my younger siblings played soccer, several of them would play in a season. And so we were at the soccer field a lot. Sometimes someone would stay home with me, if everyone was just practicing, or if it was cold or rained. I liked it when my siblings won because I loved them and wanted them to be happy. I was happiest at soccer games when I was talking to someone.

Two of my brothers have gone to UGA, and our families have kind of gotten into football. And now my nephew who is about to turn seven loves UGA football. I don’t like watching the actual games, but I like knowing that we’ve won.

I’m not into this Superbowl thing at all. Sometimes I have parties to go to on Superbowl Sunday, and I go just to hang out with friends and enjoy some good snacks.


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