Eleven children

I’m spending more and more time working, there is just a lot I’m trying to get done. I’m tired, but I don’t think I should put this off. I’m trying to keep this up, but don’t know what to write about. I have books to review, but no time I feel like I can just read.

I’ve blogged about going out West so Mom and I could be with my sister during the birth of her son. But I haven’t written about going to have Sunday dinner with the doctor who delivered the baby.. The doctor has eleven children of his own.. I don’t know why this impressed my as much as it did seeing that I’m the oldest of eight children. But I felt like we were going to spend time with the Duggar family.

I loved that afternoon. We ordered pizza, but the table was set very nicely.. And my memory of that afternoon is just sweet. For having eleven children, the house never got loud. The mother homeschools all her children, and I know they had very specific rules about how everything was done. I really enjoyed getting to know that family.


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