We are leaving first thing in the morning to go to a friend’s wedding. I’m not sure how much internet access I am going to have, and if I don’t have a lot of access I am going to have to work while I can, so I’m not sure whether I am going to write a second post this week.

I graduated in 1994… I’ve always loved big parties, and so we had a big party as my graduation celebration. I never went to high school, was homeschooled all the way through. But by this time, we had gotten into the church that I enjoyed so much, and I had a pretty good number of friends there in Tennessee. But there were also several out of town guests. I know my favorite aunt and her famiMy Aunt Cindy’s husband was into politics at that time, so he gave a little speech at the beginning of my party.. Don’t remember what he talked about. But anyway.. Mom made all kinds of good things to eat for that night.

I also remember having a lot of gifts to write thank you notes to. Writing thank you notes to anyone that was engrained in us from the time we were very small. That took me a long time to complete.


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