Travel insurance, part #1

I am trying an experiment by starting to venture into the world of travel forums. This is all kind of new for me, having never really done much with forums before. But a good friend of mine said that joining forums might be a good way to meet some more clients. I’ve just joined a couple of forums this morning, so it’s too early to tell anything yet. But I’ll let you know how that goes.

I am going to be perfectly honest, my family travels to see family and friends. I’ve never been on a cruise. I know I’ve stayed at a really nice hotel once, the name of the hotel is not coming to me now, but that was a conference I was asked to be part of and everything was paid for. I’ve said all that to say that I don’t think my family has done anything with travel insurance, but as a travel agent I am going to need about insurance. So that is what we are going to look at.

Travel insurance is something that is good for travel agent to sell, because as I’ve mentioned before, we work on commissions, and insurance will of course add to the cost of the trip. But what’s in it for you, the client? Let’s take a look at this question.

You’re likely thinking, why on earth would I actually need travel insurance? Maybe you don’t take expensive trips, and if something unimaginable happened and you were not able to take your trip, losing that money wouldn’t be the end of the world. Maybe you have a credit card that will act as some type of travel insurance anyway. Or maybe since you are traveling in the United States, you think that your normal healthcare plan is going to cover any emergencies that you may have.. But no one really knows what might happen to us or to our loved ones.

my host agency, M Travel, works with Travel Guard as our insurance provider. Travel Guard covers everything you’ll pay in advance. It also covers my fees, so if anything did happen and you didn’t get to go, I’d still get my full commission, which is good to know.

I think I am going to need to break this training up. I’m going to continue this tomorrow.. But I would love to know if anyone has any travel disaster stories.



3 Responses to “Travel insurance, part #1”

  1. robinmckennedy Says:

    I bought travel insurance for an overseas trip last year. When our event cancelled, and our reason for traveling no longer existed, we discovered that all the insurance covered was a cancellation due to limited health reasons. Very limited reasons. So the insurance was a wasted purchase for us. The cost of the airline tickets was never returned.

  2. editingsarah59 Says:

    Reblogged this on Travelingsarah's blog and commented:

    I must have posted this to the wrong blog… Yesterday’s post

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