this is likely to be another one post week. My sister and nephew are coming for a visit. They live out in Washington state, and we do not see them often at all. So I do not plan to work much while they’re here. Mom and I are going to be taking them around to see my different siblings as well. It’s just going to be a crazy week.

The sister that is coming from out west is eleven years younger than I am. I have one sister who is two years younger than I am, but then there is this seven year gap between her and my brother. But once my brother came, we had five more to come. Babies have always been something I’ve loved, so I was excited any time Mom was going to have another baby.

Since everyone is grown up and most everyone has left the house, I love it when most everyone gets together. Yeah, it is loud and always kind of crazy, but it is always good too.

I’m sorry.. Don’t know what to say anymore. I’ve been slowly building how much time I’m working, and right now it’s about thirty hours a week. So I’m kind of too tired to think anymore…


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