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April 29, 2014

I am keeping pretty busy with work, which is a good thing. Really enjoy what I’m doing 99% of the time.
Today I think I’ll share some more about my friends, the Harveys. We got to know them in Franklin, but their home was in Florida. Their parents were separated at the time. But I remember talking about us going to Florida to visit them when they did home. This particular place in Florida is ranch country. So we used to hear all about the rodeos and things like that.
By the time we got down there, I think we had five or six children, our friends had three, and they had another family living with them who had six children.. I know we went during the school year, I know our family did our schoolwork at the house while everyone else was at school. The afternoons playing together are what I remember most. We were always playing out in the pastures, building forts and things like that. By the time we went in and ate, it was almost bedtime. I didn’t like going to bed so early, but looking back I can see that the women likely wanted some quiet..
I’ve got to stop.. I’m just really tired.


April 26, 2014

I’ve had a really busy week with work, and I’m thinking about trying to get some more done today.. I like being busy, but am looking forward to tomorrow, hoping to get some good time with friends.

My sister and I went to a music festival last night. I guess that’s what you’d call it anyway. A bunch of different bands played, and I enjoyed that.. Getting free Chik-Fil-A didn’t hurt either. But what I find so interesting, what been thinking through and praying about, is that the churches of this city are starting to come together. We’re seeing more and more events that are crossing denominational lines and coming together as One collective body which I find fascinating.

Our church is going to do something unusual next Sunday. We aren’t meeting… Now, my church has never been one to have meetings just because, but we do try to meet each Sunday. But May fourth we are going to get out of our comfortable church routine and go serve other people. I think it is going to be very interesting to see how everything turns out.


April 21, 2014

I was not planning on taking a break this past week. My communication device died, needing to have another charger. With my communication device dead, I really couldn’t do much of anything, so I’m very glad I was without it completely for only two days.. I’ve never been anything except impressed with the communication device people.

I think I’m just going to write some random factses about me.. When I was growing up, I used to love playing school. And being the teacher was my favorite thing.

I love movies. Going to the theater is a rare treat, but I think I may like watching things in the comfort of a home, on a couch best.

I think the only type of food I do not like is Asian. I love Italian and Mexican food.. I don’t like weird food.

And I don’t know what to write anymore, so I am going to go.

Life update

April 15, 2014

Mom takes my grandparents to meet one of my aunts, so they can go to stay with my favorite aunt. I was going to go if Mom was going to see my favorite aunt, but she is having hip problems. Please pray for her. I think she is going to have aides to come and help with Grandpa, she can’t do it and neither can Grandma. My prayer is that Grandma doesn’t have to do much, and that the aide does pretty much everything… I’m also hoping to see my aunt sometime this summer somehow.

What to write about? I’m trying to put some focus on my business blog, which is at, all likes will be greatly appreciated. I think I am going to be figuring that out for a while now. And hopefully figuring that out is going to bring more clients. I have some people that are interested in taking trips. But at this point, it isn’t nearly enough to keep me busy. I’m still spending a lot of time trying to get more clients.

Since this is turning into a general life update, I am going to add that I am still trying to write my novels in the evenings or after work. Writing has really had ups and downs lately… Well, okay, fine, more downs than anything.. I’m working around twenty-five hours a week, and I’m just tired. I am going to try to get more regular about writing, I’ve skipped many days. But it is something that I enjoy doing.. Speaking of, I’d better post this and get to some writing in before I’m too tired again..

Library job

April 11, 2014

It’s Friday and I’m worn out. But I think I am going out with my sister tomorrow, and want to try to get everything done that I can…. I used to volunteer at a Christian school library. I had been looking for work for a long time, asking a lot of different people to pray, bringing it up in most every prayer meeting I went to. But since my family home schooled, from time to time my siblings would have to take standardized tests at the Christian school. One year it happened that the library needed some books put into their computer system. So that’s how my library job started. It was data entry, but it was kind of working with books, and people were always in and out.. I should say, it started out as data entry, but the children were interested to know more about me. I loved talking with the children, answering whatever questions they had. I ended up working there until the end of the school year, and then I even worked in the library one day each week when I started working Goodwill.. Really did enjoy that job.

Family stuff

April 8, 2014

I really enjoyed my time with my sister and nephew. Because they live so far away, we do not get to see them often.. They came in on a Wednesday night. Mom and I picked them up from the airport and went to another one of my other sister’s. My sister kind of near two of my brother’s. So we were all kind of hanging out Thursday. That Friday we drove home, and hung out around the house most the weekend. My other sister decided to come with us for the weekend, and that turned out to be a really good time… Sunday morning we took my sister to see my brother who lives near the beach. I’ve never been a big beach person at all, but enjoyed the time with the family. We returned home Tuesday. By the time we returned from the beach, several of us were not feeling well. My sister had to leave that Wednesday, and since I wasn’t feeling well it took most everything I had just to start working some again.

We brought my grandfather home from the rehab place this past Saturday.. And that’s been kind of interesting, well kind of stressful.. My grandparents will be going to my aunt’s in a couple of weeks…


April 7, 2014

Time does not seem to be my friend right now… Let me try to explain. If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ll know that I’m disabled, have been all my life, and Mom is still my main caregiver. But right now we also have Mom’s parents living with us. Grandma is pretty capable of doing everything, but Grandpa needs a lot of help with everything. He has just gotten out of the hospital as of Saturday, and everything is just kind of crazy. My grandparents are going to live my aunt’s for six months in two weeks. And I’m looking forward to that because things with Grandpa are pretty stressful.

Anyway, I’m talking to several different people about trips, and need to do several different things with that, but figured I might as well do this first… Let’s look at Mexico and what it has to offer today. And your first question is likely, “is Mexico even safe?” I think the answer is that you likely want to stay pretty close to your resort. If you do that, you should be perfectly okay.

Mexico has a lot of different all inclusive resorts where you can go. Going to an all inclusive means you can pay for everything up front, and that means everything, food, drinks, activities, and so once you’ve gotten there you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. You can just sit back and enjoy the time with your family. You can even preplan any tours you might want to take. And you are also going to find an all inclusive that fits into your budget. There are a lot of very nice beaches you can relax on. Or you might go snorkeling or swim with the dolphins.

Tell me which kind of activities you want to do, and I’ll match you with the right resort.