Life update

Mom takes my grandparents to meet one of my aunts, so they can go to stay with my favorite aunt. I was going to go if Mom was going to see my favorite aunt, but she is having hip problems. Please pray for her. I think she is going to have aides to come and help with Grandpa, she can’t do it and neither can Grandma. My prayer is that Grandma doesn’t have to do much, and that the aide does pretty much everything… I’m also hoping to see my aunt sometime this summer somehow.

What to write about? I’m trying to put some focus on my business blog, which is at, all likes will be greatly appreciated. I think I am going to be figuring that out for a while now. And hopefully figuring that out is going to bring more clients. I have some people that are interested in taking trips. But at this point, it isn’t nearly enough to keep me busy. I’m still spending a lot of time trying to get more clients.

Since this is turning into a general life update, I am going to add that I am still trying to write my novels in the evenings or after work. Writing has really had ups and downs lately… Well, okay, fine, more downs than anything.. I’m working around twenty-five hours a week, and I’m just tired. I am going to try to get more regular about writing, I’ve skipped many days. But it is something that I enjoy doing.. Speaking of, I’d better post this and get to some writing in before I’m too tired again..


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