I am keeping pretty busy with work, which is a good thing. Really enjoy what I’m doing 99% of the time.
Today I think I’ll share some more about my friends, the Harveys. We got to know them in Franklin, but their home was in Florida. Their parents were separated at the time. But I remember talking about us going to Florida to visit them when they did home. This particular place in Florida is ranch country. So we used to hear all about the rodeos and things like that.
By the time we got down there, I think we had five or six children, our friends had three, and they had another family living with them who had six children.. I know we went during the school year, I know our family did our schoolwork at the house while everyone else was at school. The afternoons playing together are what I remember most. We were always playing out in the pastures, building forts and things like that. By the time we went in and ate, it was almost bedtime. I didn’t like going to bed so early, but looking back I can see that the women likely wanted some quiet..
I’ve got to stop.. I’m just really tired.

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