I have been blessed in a family that loves me and is supportive of me and  my job a travel agent. So far I have booked two trips for my siblings, and am looking into booking a third. So far, my family has been my only clients, but I’m working on changing that, trying to figure out how to market. And I think that I decided to try writing some articles on travel.

I’ve actually never submitted anything for publication. I’m always scribbling something, usually a novel or blog entry, but never feel like my work is good enough or finished to send anything in. So even though I’ve written for years, I feel like a real newbie at all this. And I want to get everything right on this, so I am going to need some time to figure this out.

So I would really appreciate your prayers on all this. First, please pray that I will make the time to do this. I mean, I do have certain things I do each day, but I would really like to figure this out? It I. But my bigger request is that I would follow through on this.. Following through is something I’m not great at. I will keep you posted.

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