Another quick one

I am surprised at how little I’m hearing of vacation plans for our family for this summer. We’ve been a family who has traveled a lot. It used to be that we would be out of town at least once a month.. Please, do not think this is a complaint, I actually love being home… I love going to church and attending my group. I love having a somewhat normal schedule with work… But having grandparents really slowed our travels down. And having my brother David in school seemed to have slowed our travels even further.


My favorite trips are trips we take to see family or other friends. Being with people I love is the most important thing to me on vacations.. That may be wrong for me to say as a travel agent. I know I need to go on some more exotic vacations. I’m trying to figure that out.


I know this is getting the short end of the stick, as it has been more and more. Sorry, between work and trying to work on a novel I’m busy. But I am thoroughly enjoying what I do.


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