Interviewing myself


I’ve actually been doing a lot of thinking about my writing, and when I saw these questions from an online writing group, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.

1. How have you felt about writing lately? (A chore, too hard to find the time, can’t get enough, excited, etc.) Why?


Making myself find the time to write is hard when you’re trying to start a business. I have some ideas, but need more time and not to be so tired.. If I could get myself up, I would get up really early. I’m trying to do some article writing for work, but this past week I had someone interested in taking a trip and that took most my “extra” work time. 2. When fellow authors have blog tours or interviews, do you support them by commenting? If not, why?


I don’t do much of that anymore, just because of time. 3. How are you doing with your writing goals? If you don’t set goals, are you writing? If not, why?

My goal is to write some each day, and sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. 4. Depending on the time you answer these questions, what are you having for dinner or what did you have for dinner?

We are going to get some kind of takeout.. More on that in the next question… 5. Tell us one fun/crazy thing about yourself?

I can not do a thing in the kitchen. But I “cook”  by ordering out and paying for it, which is what we’re doing tonight. 6. Roller coasters – love them or scared of them?

I used to love amusement parks, but I have back troubles and really don’t think I can ride anything anymore Thanks!!



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