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Precious Embrace

June 28, 2014


it has been a really productive Saturday, and that’s been nice. I needed this after being gone on this vacation, or whatever it was,. Kind of have some different things to wrap up before taking tomorrow off.
One of the things I’ve done is to read the sequel to “A Piece of Heaven”. The new book is called Precious Embrace”, and it is also by Donna B Snow.
Laura is Trina’s best friend and co owner of the little coffee shop/restaurant. Laura runs the kitchen and is perfectly fine with giving her friend the limelight. Laura prefers having a few close friends, but never being the center of attention. She doesn’t think about marrying, sadly that’s one area she messed up badly in before she came to the Lord. And then the guy that broke her heart in the first place walks back into her life.
but Sean has different thoughts from the first time he sees Laura again. Once he remembers exactly who she is, he knows that the rumors he feebly tried to stop in high school did nothing to help her reputation.
Will Sean get Laura to let him back into her life? Can Laura finally forgive herself for everything she did in the past, and accept that God may have more for her future than she dared to hope?
This was another good, quick, clean read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked learning more about Laura.. Find this on Amazon.

A Piece of Heaven

June 26, 2014

I feel like I’m not doing a great job with this blog. Part of it is just that it’s summer. We were gone a week and a half. We’ll be gone another week at the end of July. There is no question that I need to work, and I’m Lord trying to keep up with my writing somehow too. So everything is somewhat crazy.


I still love to read whenever I’m not busy or too tired to think anymore. I have a book to review, and I actually read the whole book today.. The book is called “A Piece of Heaven”, by Donna B Snow.


Trina’s dreams has always been to have her own coffee shop. With the help of one of her best friends, she decides to turn the building she inherited from her grandparents into her dream. Little does she think she’ll fall for the contractor who renovates the place.


His name is Jarod. And working for Trina is one job she doesn’t want to end. He’s drawn to her like he hasn’t been drawn to another in a while. But he knows the “God question is going to come up if he starts pursuing her. And he just can’t face those questions. Too much has happened to let him believe in God.


Can Jarod let go of his questions long enough to let God back into his life?… I really enjoyed this book. It was a nice, clean read. I’m hoping to review the sequel before much longer. Find this book on Amazon.

Overview of my life

June 18, 2014

Saturday was one of those days where different things kind of came up in the morning to keep me from working. And by the time I could work, I didn’t feel like doing anything.. And now we’re on the road, visiting friends from places we used to to live.. I was born in Charlottesville, VA, and was a bicentiental baby.. Mom says I was much smaller than what she would have thought, and kind of wondered about it.. I think I was ten months when Mom started to wonder if I was okay. I was okay. I wasn’t sitting up or anything.. I have Cerebral Palsy  and was unable to do anything for myself. I can’t even remember when we first moved. Dad worked for the Social Security Administration, and his first post was in east North Carolina. I think I was four when we moved from there. Do not remember much about that place. We moved to Frankliin, NC when I was four.. I was saved when I was seven, and Franklin and its people will always be special to me because of that. We visited there Sunday and Monday. I was nine when we moved to Hickory where we are now. Hickory is likely the place we’ve visited most since we’ve moved away. We have great friends who our whole family likes to be around.. We’ve lived in Tennessee around five years.. We have some good friends there.. I was nineteen when we moved to Coolumbus. And Coolumbus and the church there may always feel like home to me.


June 10, 2014

I actually have plans on several evenings this week, including tonight, and got on pretty early, so I decided to do my writing first. That way I can just work until time to eat and get ready for tonight… I’ve not had much to do with friends lately, so having several things to do in a week is nice. The big thing on my mind is that my siblings have decided to gather for a day, and they want me to decide everything about how we spend it. I may be the oldest in the family, but kind of feel more like the youngest because everyone tends to spoil me. I’m deciding what we do, and what we do.. And I kind of think the whole reason that we aren’t doing a family trip like we usually do is because a couple of the couples are going to do a cruise, which I’ve booked for them.


I am going to be out of town this coming week.. We are going to be going around and visiting some old friends. I don’t know internet access I’ll have, or how busy I’ll be with friends.. I’ve been blessed to have lots of friends in several different places.. People are important to me. Getting time with them is important.. I need to get to work.

Kinda cheating

June 7, 2014

I have several things I want to do today . Tomorrow is Sunday where it is. Thank you so much I’ve had a long week with work.. I’m not sure what today holds, I think I am going to try to work some more, though I am so glad tomorrow is Sunday and I know I’m not going to work any.. I know I’m not going to work any tomorrow.. I am going to post the letter I’m trying to get out to as many people as possible. Feel free to send it on to whoever you like..  

Dear friends and family,


I am writing today to introduce you to my new business endeavor Family Trips Inc,!


I decided to become a travel agent because:

a] I love working with people, helping them organize and book vacation adventures

b] being a travel agent is something I can easily do online,

c] who doesn’t like to travel? It’s a very easy topic to discuss with anyone.

d] I also thought I would enjoy running my own business.


After considerable research, I discovered that I can do all of the things I enjoy above by becoming a travel agent. I have support and access to book many different types of travel so that I can help you with your desired vacation plans.


I still love to write; try to write some on my novel each evening. And I am also keeping a couple of different blogs. is my travel agent blog, and I post to that each workday. is my personal blog which I try to post to twice a week.


The best way to contact me is via e-mail.  As an alternative to e-mail, I’m on AOL Instant Messenger at Travelingsarah59. I am on AIM most any time that I am working. 


I started Family Trips Inc in September of 2013, and I have enjoyed booking trips for my family and look forward to booking trips for you and your family.  I also have the ability to send you travel e-news letters that contain the latest promotions and travel deals!  Please let me know if you prefer to opt out.  I welcome your business, and would also welcome you passing this on to anyone you might know who would be interested as well.


I want to hear about your travel dreams and make them happen.


Thank you,

Sarah Coiner

Family Trips Inc


June 3, 2014

I know I didn’t post anything last week. I was kind of in a funk,, wasn’t really wanting to do anything I didn’t have to. I did the things that I consider necessary with work, doing my blog and working through e-mail each day. But I know I am going to have to do more than that if I’m ever going to grow this business. I know I need to figure out how to market better… And actually I did try to do some reading on different things, but I was not doing anything, was too tired.


We left Thursday to go visit one of my sisters and celebrate some birthdays. I was ready for some time off, ready to relax with my family.. Friday we celebrated my nephew’s birthday. Saturday we celebrated another sister’s birthday. It was her twenty-first birthday, so several of us siblings went out to eat. Most everyone also got drinks too.


My sister who we went to see is starting a little business of her own. So we got into some discussions about being in business, and marketing strategies.. I really believe it was a combination of those discussions and the break that got me back into gear. I have several ideas of things I want to do, and am keeping real busy now.