I know I didn’t post anything last week. I was kind of in a funk,, wasn’t really wanting to do anything I didn’t have to. I did the things that I consider necessary with work, doing my blog and working through e-mail each day. But I know I am going to have to do more than that if I’m ever going to grow this business. I know I need to figure out how to market better… And actually I did try to do some reading on different things, but I was not doing anything, was too tired.


We left Thursday to go visit one of my sisters and celebrate some birthdays. I was ready for some time off, ready to relax with my family.. Friday we celebrated my nephew’s birthday. Saturday we celebrated another sister’s birthday. It was her twenty-first birthday, so several of us siblings went out to eat. Most everyone also got drinks too.


My sister who we went to see is starting a little business of her own. So we got into some discussions about being in business, and marketing strategies.. I really believe it was a combination of those discussions and the break that got me back into gear. I have several ideas of things I want to do, and am keeping real busy now.


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