Kinda cheating

I have several things I want to do today . Tomorrow is Sunday where it is. Thank you so much I’ve had a long week with work.. I’m not sure what today holds, I think I am going to try to work some more, though I am so glad tomorrow is Sunday and I know I’m not going to work any.. I know I’m not going to work any tomorrow.. I am going to post the letter I’m trying to get out to as many people as possible. Feel free to send it on to whoever you like..  

Dear friends and family,


I am writing today to introduce you to my new business endeavor Family Trips Inc,!


I decided to become a travel agent because:

a] I love working with people, helping them organize and book vacation adventures

b] being a travel agent is something I can easily do online,

c] who doesn’t like to travel? It’s a very easy topic to discuss with anyone.

d] I also thought I would enjoy running my own business.


After considerable research, I discovered that I can do all of the things I enjoy above by becoming a travel agent. I have support and access to book many different types of travel so that I can help you with your desired vacation plans.


I still love to write; try to write some on my novel each evening. And I am also keeping a couple of different blogs. is my travel agent blog, and I post to that each workday. is my personal blog which I try to post to twice a week.


The best way to contact me is via e-mail.  As an alternative to e-mail, I’m on AOL Instant Messenger at Travelingsarah59. I am on AIM most any time that I am working. 


I started Family Trips Inc in September of 2013, and I have enjoyed booking trips for my family and look forward to booking trips for you and your family.  I also have the ability to send you travel e-news letters that contain the latest promotions and travel deals!  Please let me know if you prefer to opt out.  I welcome your business, and would also welcome you passing this on to anyone you might know who would be interested as well.


I want to hear about your travel dreams and make them happen.


Thank you,

Sarah Coiner

Family Trips Inc


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