I actually have plans on several evenings this week, including tonight, and got on pretty early, so I decided to do my writing first. That way I can just work until time to eat and get ready for tonight… I’ve not had much to do with friends lately, so having several things to do in a week is nice. The big thing on my mind is that my siblings have decided to gather for a day, and they want me to decide everything about how we spend it. I may be the oldest in the family, but kind of feel more like the youngest because everyone tends to spoil me. I’m deciding what we do, and what we do.. And I kind of think the whole reason that we aren’t doing a family trip like we usually do is because a couple of the couples are going to do a cruise, which I’ve booked for them.


I am going to be out of town this coming week.. We are going to be going around and visiting some old friends. I don’t know internet access I’ll have, or how busy I’ll be with friends.. I’ve been blessed to have lots of friends in several different places.. People are important to me. Getting time with them is important.. I need to get to work.


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