Overview of my life

Saturday was one of those days where different things kind of came up in the morning to keep me from working. And by the time I could work, I didn’t feel like doing anything.. And now we’re on the road, visiting friends from places we used to to live.. I was born in Charlottesville, VA, and was a bicentiental baby.. Mom says I was much smaller than what she would have thought, and kind of wondered about it.. I think I was ten months when Mom started to wonder if I was okay. I was okay. I wasn’t sitting up or anything.. I have Cerebral Palsy  and was unable to do anything for myself. I can’t even remember when we first moved. Dad worked for the Social Security Administration, and his first post was in east North Carolina. I think I was four when we moved from there. Do not remember much about that place. We moved to Frankliin, NC when I was four.. I was saved when I was seven, and Franklin and its people will always be special to me because of that. We visited there Sunday and Monday. I was nine when we moved to Hickory where we are now. Hickory is likely the place we’ve visited most since we’ve moved away. We have great friends who our whole family likes to be around.. We’ve lived in Tennessee around five years.. We have some good friends there.. I was nineteen when we moved to Coolumbus. And Coolumbus and the church there may always feel like home to me.


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