Precious Embrace


it has been a really productive Saturday, and that’s been nice. I needed this after being gone on this vacation, or whatever it was,. Kind of have some different things to wrap up before taking tomorrow off.
One of the things I’ve done is to read the sequel to “A Piece of Heaven”. The new book is called Precious Embrace”, and it is also by Donna B Snow.
Laura is Trina’s best friend and co owner of the little coffee shop/restaurant. Laura runs the kitchen and is perfectly fine with giving her friend the limelight. Laura prefers having a few close friends, but never being the center of attention. She doesn’t think about marrying, sadly that’s one area she messed up badly in before she came to the Lord. And then the guy that broke her heart in the first place walks back into her life.
but Sean has different thoughts from the first time he sees Laura again. Once he remembers exactly who she is, he knows that the rumors he feebly tried to stop in high school did nothing to help her reputation.
Will Sean get Laura to let him back into her life? Can Laura finally forgive herself for everything she did in the past, and accept that God may have more for her future than she dared to hope?
This was another good, quick, clean read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked learning more about Laura.. Find this on Amazon.


One Response to “Precious Embrace”

  1. Donna B. Snow Says:

    Thanks, Sarah, I’m glad you enjoyed the story! These characters and place are near and dear to my heart!

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