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Fun weekends

July 23, 2014

I think I am going to be wise and go on and do this now. We are going family here starting sometime Friday. We’ll also going to be having friends over for dinner Friday evening.. This sounds like the kind of weekend that I love, busy with friends and family… I also know myself. Tomorrow night I’m pretty sure I am going to feel like I need to get some rest, watch a movie. I have some extra time tonight, figure I may as well do this.
I’ve talked some about the gathering on here.. But the Gathering was a group I loved being a part of. And busy weekends make me think of that time. The official meeting was on Wednesday. But I ended up in a smaller group that would hang out on the weekends sometimes.. Sometimes we’d just do lunch after church. But there were also a lot of Friday or Saturday night meetings at restaurant and/or coffee houses. I don’t like coffee, but love desserts and always have. Other weekends everyone would gather at someone’s house for a birthday party or cookout.. Those are truly fun times to remember.

Summer fun

July 21, 2014

Usually I can make myself do whatever needs to be done on a Saturday. But this past Saturday, I was feeling pretty rough and did not want to do anything, couldn’t make myself do anything.. This coming weekend all my siblings are coming to our house to hang out, and I couldn’t more excited. I love it when everyone gets together. And this Saturday they’re having me plan everything. We’re just going to eat a lot of good food, hopefully go swimming if the weather is nice, and things like that. I am going to try to write this Thursday or Friday.
One of the things that amazes me about my church is how many missionaries we have. We have sent out a lot of different couples families. We do a lot of short term missions trips as well, mostly in summer.. But we’ve had a lot of families go to a foreign land and minister full time. Summers are when they come home to give us their reports. A lot of these families are people who were in our young adult group, the Gathering, at one time or another.. Love getting to catch up with the different ones.


July 17, 2014

I’ve had a crazy week, both with work and personally… You can pray. My group has had shocking news this week. And we are going to just need wisdom from the Lord as we help a family who’s hurting a lot. We are not meeting over the summer but are gathering tonight to discuss everything.
Work is just busy.. Ended up not being able to find something for my one client, and I hate that. But they did pay me something. I wish we could have found something that worked perfectly for them. But after spending so much time trying to figure this out, I’m happy to be getting something at least.
With having to try to figure out this for my one client, I haven’t done a lot of marketing beyond my blog which I write every day. Really do think I want to make this blog the cornerstone of my marketing. But I’m also looking to join a blog community as a way to meet lots more people, and hopefully get some more business.
I wanted to get something written on this anyway… Hope everyone is doing well.


July 12, 2014

I have a confession, I don’t want to do much of anything today. But if I don’t get certain things done, I know I’ll feel bad.. So I’m kind of makingmyself do some things.
I feel somewhat like this a lot of Saturdays, wanting to get this and that done, and then relax.. I’ve never liked working, or even being on the computer much at all on Sundays. Sundays are my day to relax, to go to church, and try to get some good time in with friends.
Having a Sabbath is what our pastor spoke on last Sunday. He says that even the world has done a study on taking one day a week to get out of your routine, stop working completely, do other things that you enjoy, have nice meals. The world’s tests say that you do better when you have a day like this each week.. This has been in the back of my mind all week as we’ve had to do these different things, and then me having to work a lot on top of that. Haven’t really come to any major conclusions, except that I’m so glad tomorrow is Sunday. Always am though.

Crazy week

July 9, 2014

wrote this yesterday.
It has as been quite a day. We had a couple of me brothers around this morning, and I was kind of going back and forthbetween hanging out with them and trying to get some meetings things done with work. I have a couple of different people asking about trips right now, which is really nice. Just feel bad that I’m not working on these trips. I am at the doctor’s right now. I’m not sick or anything, just have to get a check up… I am amazed at how fast the doctor visit went. That was definitely an answer to prayer
Tomorrow we meet with the aide agency. Pray for us. I’m really not sure that is going to be pleasant. We do not see eye to eye on what the aides should do.. I think Mom needs more help than they’ve given, and they’re cutting back on what they’ll do.
Friday is Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-Fil-A. If you dress like a cow, you get free food. It’s something my family takes pretty seriously.. Hopefully this year I am going to do some advertising for the business.. Yeah, things are crazy this week.


July 5, 2014

I’ve decided not to write that book review today. I’ve kind of been preoccupied with work all week, did not read the book.. I’m actually kind of waiting on a couple of e-mails about work now. But I’m tired of being on the computer, and as usual, awful glad tomorrow is Sunday. I love my church and the friends I have there. I love getting out of the house and actually being with friends. I love having something to do most weeks after church.
Since I love church, I thought I’d tell the story of how we came to the church we’re part of now.. We had been in another church for about four and a half years. Personally I found that I had a hard time making any close friends at church. And church has always been one of my main social outlets. We had decided to bring a new pastor about a year before we had decided to leave, and I had gotten pretty close to him and his family. Well, at the beginning of the next year, the church decided to let this man go, and my family decided it was time to move on.
For about six months, we were meeting in a couple of different home churches. The pastor who had been to leave was leading one, and that’s the church I was most drawn to. That’s where the people I knew best were. Friday evenings were kind of like our church’s main meeting. And then I’d hope to figure out a way to get to the meetings we’d have every other Sunday if it conflicted with the other church my parents were part of.
Sadly, after about six months, both these churches fell apart. And the crazy thing was, my parents were going to Europe that month. Mom told our babysitter about a church we had visited a couple of times.. The church has become my home for fourteen years..


July 1, 2014

I think I will go on and do this. I’m having writers’ block when it comes to this. I have another book to review, but it’s way too long to read tonight. My plan is to do that over the weekend.


When my family and I first moved to Tennessee, we were part of a very small church. On a full Sunday, we might have had forty people. There were four other teenagers besides my sister and I.. Well, one fall we decided to join up with another church to do the Christmas play. We teens ended up becoming like a part of the other church’s youth group.. I have always loved doing plays. Though I don’t think I did anything except watch the practices. But it was a lot of fun having more people to do fun things with. I remember doing things like going to a conference where we were in a hotel overnight. We got together to make refreshments for after the play..


I’m sorry, but I’m tired. Work has been busy lately, which is nice.. Think I need to get to bed.