I think I will go on and do this. I’m having writers’ block when it comes to this. I have another book to review, but it’s way too long to read tonight. My plan is to do that over the weekend.


When my family and I first moved to Tennessee, we were part of a very small church. On a full Sunday, we might have had forty people. There were four other teenagers besides my sister and I.. Well, one fall we decided to join up with another church to do the Christmas play. We teens ended up becoming like a part of the other church’s youth group.. I have always loved doing plays. Though I don’t think I did anything except watch the practices. But it was a lot of fun having more people to do fun things with. I remember doing things like going to a conference where we were in a hotel overnight. We got together to make refreshments for after the play..


I’m sorry, but I’m tired. Work has been busy lately, which is nice.. Think I need to get to bed.

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