I’ve decided not to write that book review today. I’ve kind of been preoccupied with work all week, did not read the book.. I’m actually kind of waiting on a couple of e-mails about work now. But I’m tired of being on the computer, and as usual, awful glad tomorrow is Sunday. I love my church and the friends I have there. I love getting out of the house and actually being with friends. I love having something to do most weeks after church.
Since I love church, I thought I’d tell the story of how we came to the church we’re part of now.. We had been in another church for about four and a half years. Personally I found that I had a hard time making any close friends at church. And church has always been one of my main social outlets. We had decided to bring a new pastor about a year before we had decided to leave, and I had gotten pretty close to him and his family. Well, at the beginning of the next year, the church decided to let this man go, and my family decided it was time to move on.
For about six months, we were meeting in a couple of different home churches. The pastor who had been to leave was leading one, and that’s the church I was most drawn to. That’s where the people I knew best were. Friday evenings were kind of like our church’s main meeting. And then I’d hope to figure out a way to get to the meetings we’d have every other Sunday if it conflicted with the other church my parents were part of.
Sadly, after about six months, both these churches fell apart. And the crazy thing was, my parents were going to Europe that month. Mom told our babysitter about a church we had visited a couple of times.. The church has become my home for fourteen years..

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