Summer fun

Usually I can make myself do whatever needs to be done on a Saturday. But this past Saturday, I was feeling pretty rough and did not want to do anything, couldn’t make myself do anything.. This coming weekend all my siblings are coming to our house to hang out, and I couldn’t more excited. I love it when everyone gets together. And this Saturday they’re having me plan everything. We’re just going to eat a lot of good food, hopefully go swimming if the weather is nice, and things like that. I am going to try to write this Thursday or Friday.
One of the things that amazes me about my church is how many missionaries we have. We have sent out a lot of different couples families. We do a lot of short term missions trips as well, mostly in summer.. But we’ve had a lot of families go to a foreign land and minister full time. Summers are when they come home to give us their reports. A lot of these families are people who were in our young adult group, the Gathering, at one time or another.. Love getting to catch up with the different ones.

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