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Tn chuch 1

August 29, 2014

It’s Friday night, my body is saying I should be watching something, resting. But I have a training thing for the business I want to do. I think it might really help me. So I want to go on and do this tonight, have one less thing to do tomorrow.


We’ll see if I can write everything out tonight. Church has always been important to me from my earliest memories. I love being with people., I also love learning about the Lord. But we first moved to Tennessee, the Lord led us to a church that was hard for me, hard for my whole family, in a lot of ways. We had been in a hotel for a couple of months before this, and had been visiting different churches. But Dad’s parents came down to help us move into our house, and Granny asked us to try a church. And the Lord told us that was where we were to stay. The church had about thirty members. The joke was that our family made up half the church.


At first I was pretty happy at that church. Yes, it was small, but I like being in smaller groups. It makes it easier for me to get to know people. And my family quickly became involved.. Our pastor and his family were out of town and only came on Sundays. My parents started having bible studies in our home Wednesday nights. We’d gather to work on the church lawn, cleaning the building.. We did a lot with that little group, and I loved that.


Yeah, this is going to be a several parts story.. I’m tired

Thought this posted yesterday

August 28, 2014

– What is your name (and/or pen name)?

Sarah Coiner

– What part of the world do you write from? (limit to country / state or province / city)

Georgia, USA

– What kind of writing do you do and enjoy? (Are they different?)

I mostly write fiction, though I’m an avid journaler. .. Oh and I keep two blogs.

– What do you like to read?

I always read my bible first thing each morning. But for fun I mostly read fiction, mostly Christian romance.

– What writing components are you struggling with most right now?

I’m not sure.. Writing is something I try to do each day, usually happens five to six times a week. I never write or do anything work related on Sundays.

– What writing components are you great at?

I’ve heard that I’m pretty good with dialogue. .

– Tell us something unique about yourself.

I’m the oldest of eight. I’ve lived in six different places , thankfully we’ve lived here almost twenty years.

– Write the first word that comes to your mind.

Bed. It’s almost time for me to go to bed thankfully.

– Anything else you’d like to share

Yes. I’m a travel agent. Have been doing this about a year. Would love to help anyone interested —



August 22, 2014

Trying to do this tonight sounds like a really good idea. I have plans with my sister tomorrow, and just feel like getting whatever I can done today sounds really nice. It’s Friday evening, and I’m getting tired.


I’ve shared a little about the church we were in when we first moved here. I had a hard time making good friends there for the most part.. There was a time though, where there were a couple of girls about my my age, and we did some things together from time to time. One of the min things we’d do either once a month or every other month was have a “youth explosion”. We’d have a time of praise, a time of teaching, and then we’d have a fellowship time with pizza.. This is something we did for the high school kids, but my friends were in charge of the music.


I guess that’s why our little group was invited on one of the youth trips. We went up to a mountain cabin for the weekend. I’m not sure why, but Dad was the one to go with me on that trip. I think he wanted to give Mom a break… It was a fun weekend with a lot of time with friends.

On my mind

August 19, 2014

My days just seem to get busier. I’ve joined a travel agent school, that’s free. I’m working on that slowly. I’ve also joined a forum, and yes, I’m considering my time on there “work” because hopefully I am going to meet some future clients on there. I’m finding that forums can be addictive.. And I’m also working on my writing, both starting a new novel, and editing one I’ve “finished”. A friend is working with me on that. I’m just trying to make the time work on everything.


Fall, at least the time when school is starting and the normal activities with church and things start up.. My community group will start again in about a month, we don’t meet in the summers because people are on vacations so much. We’re kind of making some changes in our group. There are five of us women who have been in group together for a while. But we are going to be adding a couple of other ladies to the group.


I like getting to know new people. But at the same time I wonder about it. Sometimes I feel like people don’t see who I am, just see a disabled girl. I know the women who have been in group really well, and feel pretty sure they are going to help draw me out… That’s something that has been on my mind lately.

Dearly Loved

August 16, 2014

I’ve been busy this week, between work and writing. And so by yesterday afternoon I was worn out, and ready to do something different, so I read. And not only was the break what I needed, the book was wonderful. This is not a book I’ve been specifically asked to review, but I’ve decided to do this as an excuse to finish this book.. The book is called “Dearly Loved” by Bonnie Blythe.


Meredith is a night nurse who lives a very quiet life. She has a couple good girlfriends from work. And if asked, she’d say that she’d hope that marriage was somewhere in her future. However, there was only ever one guy in her life, and that was in high school. And of course, he was the jock and dumped her for far more interesting girls… And then ten years, Meredith finds David in her hospital.


David played soccer until injuring his knee, and then got into sports journalism, working for different tv stations. Moving to Meredith’s town was no coincidence. He wants to reconnect with her. Even with the time in the hospital, David knows his feelings could go much deeper.


But Meredith does not want to have David break her heart once more. Can she ever learn to rust him again?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read the whole book in two days. Find this book on Amazon.

Update on my career[s]

August 12, 2014

This is my personal blog, and obviously I do different things with it. I’m getting back to work after my two weeks of semi-vacation… I’m really feeling the need to make some changes in my business. I celebrate my first anniversary as a travel agent, time to pay my annual fees, and really feeling like I’ve got to get things moving better. So I’m kind of doing some planning, strategizing, and talking to different people. I’m thinking about looking more into working on travel for people with disabilities, not that I am going to turn down working with ANYONE at this point. The travel industry is just so big, and trying to learn everything is hard. The good news is that I do have ideas of where I want to go with this stuff, and am making myself do this.


But I am also a writer, and keep feeling that pull to not only write, but also try to get some of my work out there. With work, the writing project is a very slow thing. But I do have someone who is working with me. Hopefully she hasn’t given up on me.


I’d really appreciate people praying for stamina, for good sleep at night, and for wisdom to balance everything I want to do.


August 8, 2014

My sister who lives out west should be flying home with her family as I write this. And that’s the end of my “working vacation”. I have worked some on and off throughout this time. But I’ve not done everything I need to and am kind of feeling some pressure to just get things back in order. I got some of that done tonight, and I’ll try to work on that more tomorrow.
I’ve always been one to get excited about vacations or special times with family or friends. I’ll imagine what everything is going to be like, even down to conversations that might take place. I’ll get excited about special foods we may have. I love the actual vacation itself. Even if everything is not the way I imagined it. But when everything gets back to normal, when we leave to go home, or the last guest leaves, it’s always kind of sad to me. And I think I have the hardest time with all of that at holiday time. So many fun things happen around that time of year.
But I would like to ask for prayer. I just need to figure out ways to make my business grow. I think I am going to start working seriously on that starting on Monday..

Sarah’s day

August 5, 2014

My ster who lives out west, her husband, and my sister-in-law will be here sometime this afternoon. My sister and her husband are going to stay around for a few days, and I’m excited to have sometime with them. I think I am going to try to do whatever is necessary as early as as I can so I can spend time with them.
The day we called “Sarah’s day”was a lot of fun for everyone like I hoped it would be. Everyone was here around nine in the morning, and Mom made us biscuits and gravy which is one of Mom specialties. After breakfast we went swimming. Swimming is something I love, but don’t do much of at all for several different reasons. Getting ready takes a while. And sadly I get sunburned easier than I used to.. Swimming at night would work great, but I’m not by any means a night owl… Anyway, we did go swimming and I did burn some. We came home and had snacks for lunch. Then we played Scattergories together. We like playing that game together, and usually get pretty silly deciding whether someone should get points for a certain word.. After that, we had a huge dinner together. I had chosen several of the foods I like most and Mom made those. It was wonderful. We took pictures together.. We played another game together before bed.
I had an excellent time, and a couple people have suggested we should do “Sarah’s day” again. Love that idea myself.