Sarah’s day

My ster who lives out west, her husband, and my sister-in-law will be here sometime this afternoon. My sister and her husband are going to stay around for a few days, and I’m excited to have sometime with them. I think I am going to try to do whatever is necessary as early as as I can so I can spend time with them.
The day we called “Sarah’s day”was a lot of fun for everyone like I hoped it would be. Everyone was here around nine in the morning, and Mom made us biscuits and gravy which is one of Mom specialties. After breakfast we went swimming. Swimming is something I love, but don’t do much of at all for several different reasons. Getting ready takes a while. And sadly I get sunburned easier than I used to.. Swimming at night would work great, but I’m not by any means a night owl… Anyway, we did go swimming and I did burn some. We came home and had snacks for lunch. Then we played Scattergories together. We like playing that game together, and usually get pretty silly deciding whether someone should get points for a certain word.. After that, we had a huge dinner together. I had chosen several of the foods I like most and Mom made those. It was wonderful. We took pictures together.. We played another game together before bed.
I had an excellent time, and a couple people have suggested we should do “Sarah’s day” again. Love that idea myself.


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