My sister who lives out west should be flying home with her family as I write this. And that’s the end of my “working vacation”. I have worked some on and off throughout this time. But I’ve not done everything I need to and am kind of feeling some pressure to just get things back in order. I got some of that done tonight, and I’ll try to work on that more tomorrow.
I’ve always been one to get excited about vacations or special times with family or friends. I’ll imagine what everything is going to be like, even down to conversations that might take place. I’ll get excited about special foods we may have. I love the actual vacation itself. Even if everything is not the way I imagined it. But when everything gets back to normal, when we leave to go home, or the last guest leaves, it’s always kind of sad to me. And I think I have the hardest time with all of that at holiday time. So many fun things happen around that time of year.
But I would like to ask for prayer. I just need to figure out ways to make my business grow. I think I am going to start working seriously on that starting on Monday..


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