Update on my career[s]

This is my personal blog, and obviously I do different things with it. I’m getting back to work after my two weeks of semi-vacation… I’m really feeling the need to make some changes in my business. I celebrate my first anniversary as a travel agent, time to pay my annual fees, and really feeling like I’ve got to get things moving better. So I’m kind of doing some planning, strategizing, and talking to different people. I’m thinking about looking more into working on travel for people with disabilities, not that I am going to turn down working with ANYONE at this point. The travel industry is just so big, and trying to learn everything is hard. The good news is that I do have ideas of where I want to go with this stuff, and am making myself do this.


But I am also a writer, and keep feeling that pull to not only write, but also try to get some of my work out there. With work, the writing project is a very slow thing. But I do have someone who is working with me. Hopefully she hasn’t given up on me.


I’d really appreciate people praying for stamina, for good sleep at night, and for wisdom to balance everything I want to do.


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