Dearly Loved

I’ve been busy this week, between work and writing. And so by yesterday afternoon I was worn out, and ready to do something different, so I read. And not only was the break what I needed, the book was wonderful. This is not a book I’ve been specifically asked to review, but I’ve decided to do this as an excuse to finish this book.. The book is called “Dearly Loved” by Bonnie Blythe.


Meredith is a night nurse who lives a very quiet life. She has a couple good girlfriends from work. And if asked, she’d say that she’d hope that marriage was somewhere in her future. However, there was only ever one guy in her life, and that was in high school. And of course, he was the jock and dumped her for far more interesting girls… And then ten years, Meredith finds David in her hospital.


David played soccer until injuring his knee, and then got into sports journalism, working for different tv stations. Moving to Meredith’s town was no coincidence. He wants to reconnect with her. Even with the time in the hospital, David knows his feelings could go much deeper.


But Meredith does not want to have David break her heart once more. Can she ever learn to rust him again?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read the whole book in two days. Find this book on Amazon.


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