Tn chuch 1

It’s Friday night, my body is saying I should be watching something, resting. But I have a training thing for the business I want to do. I think it might really help me. So I want to go on and do this tonight, have one less thing to do tomorrow.


We’ll see if I can write everything out tonight. Church has always been important to me from my earliest memories. I love being with people., I also love learning about the Lord. But we first moved to Tennessee, the Lord led us to a church that was hard for me, hard for my whole family, in a lot of ways. We had been in a hotel for a couple of months before this, and had been visiting different churches. But Dad’s parents came down to help us move into our house, and Granny asked us to try a church. And the Lord told us that was where we were to stay. The church had about thirty members. The joke was that our family made up half the church.


At first I was pretty happy at that church. Yes, it was small, but I like being in smaller groups. It makes it easier for me to get to know people. And my family quickly became involved.. Our pastor and his family were out of town and only came on Sundays. My parents started having bible studies in our home Wednesday nights. We’d gather to work on the church lawn, cleaning the building.. We did a lot with that little group, and I loved that.


Yeah, this is going to be a several parts story.. I’m tired


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