Mom f the week, watching my nieces. We came home early this morning, and I had to go straight to the doctor… And now it’s Saturday morning, and I’m not sure what all to do with myself. But I do want to get a post out.


My is at church watching a documentary about the family… I found this movie fascinating. Below are some notes.. Family has always been important to me… Family used to be important to everyone, but that’s changing. People are marrying later, if they marry at all, and having children is very optional.


First, what is family? Family is foundational to society… But that’s being questioned. Is the family the cornerstone or is it the state? That’s the big question. .. Being free, relating to marriage, being with whoever you want whenever you want is not really freeing. There is a lot of pain when you have many different partners.. Living this life means there is no commitment to anyone and no true intimacy. Living together greatly increases your chances of divorce. Working through the difficult times makes your marriage stronger. Men and women compliment one another especially when it comes to raising children.


Society needs children in order to keep going. Many couples are choosing not to have children. Women need other people to help raise children. People looked to fathers to make the important decisions.

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