My day are getting busier with the business. I don’t have anymore clients really, but I’ve decided to really give myself to learning. And when I say that I’m talking about both the travel agent side and the business side. I’ve enrolled in a travel agent academy, and since I started this business I’ve collected business books that different people have given out, but I’ve not taken the time to read them until now.. I’m busy, but I enjoy everything I’m doing.


At the same time, I still enjoy writing. I feel bad when I can’t write even a little of my novel each day.. Like last night, after working all day I found out there was a meeting at church. I decided to go, but didn’t like that I hadn’t written. Ended up coming home and writing just a little… I’ve always been one with an active imagination. I love Anne of Green Gables and books like that. My writing is important to me. Figuring out how to do everything is the trick.


One of the things that our church emphasizes is small groups. A lot of groups take the summers off because everyone is on vacation. Our group is about to start up again. We were meeting as a group of couples. But we’ve decided to meet with only ladies now. So I think there will be five of the women who have been together in group for years, and then about six new girls. It sounds like some of them are relatively new believers. Sounds like there will be some good opportunities there.. Please pray for us.

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