Day in my life

Today is kind of one of those days where I’d like to just read. Most my family who lives here went to eat breakfast at Chik-Fil-A this morning. And then I decided to to run errands with the girls.. I’ve put in a good bit of time on my business this week, and I’m just tired.
I’ve always been a person who likes getting to what needs to be done first. I really like getting up and reading the bible first thing. I like having my quiet time as the foundation of the day. I’m part of an e-mail ministry and I do that usually right after. I write in my journal. Then I’ll read travel news, look at e-mail, and work on my business blog. My aide comes around noon to give me my lunch and a bath. In the afternoons I’ll work on my travel agent school, I’m also reading through some business books. Afternoons are also when I go through business e-mail and answer everything. I have another aide who comes around dinner time to feed me and take me for a walk. A lot of evenings I’ll get back to the computer and will write, do personal e-mail and things like that.. I’m in bed by nine or nine thirty.
I’m not feeling so great so I am going to go do some other things.

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