Slumber parties

I am blessed to have a job I love, I’m spending more and time on the business, trying to figure things out out. But I am making time for my writing, and have gotten out of the house a couple of evenings this week.

I love being able to hang out with people.. Tonight I’m remembering my sister’s slumber parties. [Yeah, it’s Friday night, and I’m tired.] This took place  mostly while we were living in Hickory there were not many girls in my Sunday School group, but my sister had a lot of girls in their group. And around her birthday and a couple of other times a year my sister would have a slumber party. Mom would usually make her pizza, which is one of my favorite things to eat. Mom makes her own crust. And then sometimes the girls would put their own toppings on. I forget what we’d make for dessert if it wasn’t a birthday. We would play different games. We’d usually watch some kind of movie.. The only thing I was always excluded from was the part about doing something to whoever fell asleep first. Those were fun times.

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