Aunt Carolyn

wrote this last night while hanging out with my family.

My family and I are going to Tennessee this Friday, so I probably won’t write a second post this week. The days are starting to get cooler here in Georgia. And with tomorrow being the first of October, I’m starting to think about holidays. I don’t know exactly what we are going to do, but I’m assuming we’ll all be together at some point, and that’s probably what I’m looking forward to most. And then there is all the good food hoping to go to at least have one Christmas party this year.

Mom’s parents used to live next door to Dad’s brother. This was the house my grandparents lived in all my grandparents used to live in all my growing up years until they went to the apartments. I used to go over and hanging out with my Aunt Carolyn. Sometimes we’d do art projects together. One of the things she got into is doll houses. One year Granny bought me one of Aunt Carolyn’s doll houses. Carolyn and I would paint pictures together. Sometimes we’d also go to a movie in the next town. Or we would go get ice cream… And now Carolyn plans weddings. I am going to hopefully start working with her couples on their honeymoons.


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