More on Tennessee

It has kind of just been a crazy week. We got home Tuesday, and by the time we got home, I was ready to just relax.. Since then, I’ve had things to do each evening, and so I’m just kind of doing what I consider necessary with work and managing to write some on my novel each day.

I think I am going to write more about my time in Tennessee.. The first year we were at that church, I was pretty content. Our pastor was Hispanic, and he was going through seminary. He and his family left after we had been there about a year. I started seeing problems with that church when our interim pastor came. I’m trying to think of how to explain this… Okay, the one elder of this church was a freemason. Freemasonry, we were to discover, is a cult, and our interim pastor was in the masons as well.

I think this interim pastor started in the fall… And that was the fall I wrote the Christmas play for our church. We’d do our practices for the play on Sunday nights, and I enjoyed being the one to kind of directing the play.. Well, as things happened, the Sunday my play was performed we were having a prospective pastor preach. And our church did accept him as our pastor.. He had a wife who started working with us teenagers.

I need to go get to some other things today.. Hopefully this coming week will be more normal.

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