More on Tennessee

I am kind of making myself do this. I have plans for both tomorrow and Sunday, and would like to have everything done. Done is completely relative when you have a business. There is always so much more that could be done.

Let’s get back to discussing my time in Tennessee… Our new pastor’s name was Derrick, and his wife was Wendy. Wendy became our youth leader. We started meeting as a group on Sunday nights, and doing fun activities at least once a month. There were five of us in the group usually, and we did a lot together.

I know that things weren’t great at church itself, though things felt somewhat lighter with Derrick and Wendy there. I’m not sure how to describe it. The church was divided, and yet it felt like the only elder of that church ruled everyone.

That summer our group went to camp together. That time was special to me. It was time with our group.. I can’t think straight anymore. I am going to go.

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