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November 21, 2014

I keep debating whether to do this tonight or not. But I think I’d be unhappy with myself tomorrow if I didn’t… We’re leaving Wednesday morning sometime I think, and I’m not sure whether I am going to get to this between now and then. So I figured I might as well go on and do my thankful list.

  • First, I’m grateful to be saved. I’m also grateful to have a bible I can read by myself.
  • I have a truly amazing family who loves me and tends to spoil me. And I’m thankful that I’m about to spend sometime with all of them over the holidays.. And I’m even more grateful that our family has not had the kind of fighting that makes siblings not want to join in on whatever get together we’re doing.
  • I’m thankful to have a job that I love. I’m also glad to say that it is growing.
  • I’m grateful to have this communication device which allows me to communicate most of the time.
  • I have an absolutely wonderful church who again, I feel like, tends to spoil me.I love my new group, and that we’re starting to bond since starting up in October.
  • I’m thankful to have two aides who are very different, but who both take very good care of me.
  • I love having a Kindle app, and being able to read on my own


November 20, 2014

Busy, busy days here. I’ve finally gotten where I can check my business e-mail after about a e-mail, at least it feels like a month… It looks like I have a pretty busy weekend, which is nice. I have a dinner with my Saturday evening. My group has added a lot of new women coming in, and at first that was hard. But I do feel like I am getting to know everyone. Sunday I’m going to go with friends after church. I’ve been going home with this family a lot of Sundays for years. My family calls them my other parents. And then we’re leaving for Atlanta in exactly a week to meet all my other siblings for Thanksgiving.. I’m really looking forward to having my family together.

I have a confession to make, camping is not really my thing. I do not like sleeping on the ground. Hanging out with family and friends during the day. But I do not like cold showers. Hey, I’m not even that big on roasted marshmallows.. But when I was young and living in Franklin, our church group used to go camping once a year. I think I think I enjoyed that more because I was surrounded by friends. I know that’s where I fell in love with the game yahtzee.. Too tired to remember anymore…

Thanksgiving with Cindy

November 15, 2014

I think I am going to write about the time right after my brother Joseph was born. My sister who is next to me in age is less than years younger than I am. I have no memories of her birth. I was almost nine when my first brother came into the world. The scary thing is that baby will be thirty next month, which means that I will have one more birthday before hitting another milestone. Hopefully I am going to get a big birthday party that year.


But anyway, back to Joseph’s birth. My Aunt Cindy decided to give Mom a break from lifting me once he had the new baby. My Grandmas came down shortly after the baby came, and they took me home with them a few days later. My aunt lived a couple hours from my grandparents, so I think we stayed with my grandparents a couple days and then went to my aunt’s. Joseph was a November baby.. Any time Aunt Cindy and I get together, there is always good food. We like to plan our menu and things like that. But I was going to get to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.. This goes back to when Cindy was newly married I think.. Okay, let me try to explain, I love Cindy’s husband dearly, and always have fun with him, but sometimes he can be a little silly. Somehow he came up with the idea that his father was Ronald Reagan. We’ve called them the President since I can remember. So we would be entertaining the President and First Lady for Thanksgiving dinner. Everything had to be perfect.. I do not remember doing much schoolwork during that time, but I do remember helping plan everything for that holiday.

The rest of the Tennessee story

November 13, 2014

I’ve been neglecting this, and I’m sorry. Between having problems with the computer, going out of town, and doing things with friends I’ve not had a lot of time. Ideas of what to write about is a problem too.


I know I’ve written about doing things with another youth group in Tennessee. So I think I may finish this story today… Shortly after Christmas, the elder of our church announced that they were starting a bible study on Wednesday nights. The interim pastor was leading these meetings. My parents had been meeting in our home with most of what I’ll call our group, the men and women met separately. And we teenagers were left to visit in our room. But once we found out about the bible study at church, my parents felt like we had to join them. I’m pretty sure the little kids were on their own somehow, because pretty soon the meetings became more times of argument than actual bible study. I look back on this time as a dark, sad time in my life. I had always counted so much on my church, especially once we started homeschooling. And church had become a scary place, a place which was more often than not pretty tense.


I think we decided to call off the bible study in April. But that summer things kind of came to a head. We started having a lot of meetings. There were a lot of fights. And that August our group was asked to leave the church…