The rest of the Tennessee story

I’ve been neglecting this, and I’m sorry. Between having problems with the computer, going out of town, and doing things with friends I’ve not had a lot of time. Ideas of what to write about is a problem too.


I know I’ve written about doing things with another youth group in Tennessee. So I think I may finish this story today… Shortly after Christmas, the elder of our church announced that they were starting a bible study on Wednesday nights. The interim pastor was leading these meetings. My parents had been meeting in our home with most of what I’ll call our group, the men and women met separately. And we teenagers were left to visit in our room. But once we found out about the bible study at church, my parents felt like we had to join them. I’m pretty sure the little kids were on their own somehow, because pretty soon the meetings became more times of argument than actual bible study. I look back on this time as a dark, sad time in my life. I had always counted so much on my church, especially once we started homeschooling. And church had become a scary place, a place which was more often than not pretty tense.


I think we decided to call off the bible study in April. But that summer things kind of came to a head. We started having a lot of meetings. There were a lot of fights. And that August our group was asked to leave the church…

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